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Confidentiality is Paramount

Our Arch Angel

Your Arch Angel will always be available for support and guidance.

The role of an Arch Angel is to manage the overall implementation, integrity, and fulfillment of your “Get Out of Debt” journey.

Kitty Thomas Debt Angel Solutions Free Consult Call

Kitty Thomas
Founder & CEO

Kitty Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Debt Angel Solutions, with over 2 decades of industry experience. Kitty brings a holistic outlook to the financial industry. Having dealt with her own debt situation and knowing first-hand about the pressure of debt distress and the fallout it had on her life.

Kitty found herself in a huge amount of unsecured debt in her early 20s. After 5 years of “pretending, all was ok “, she decided to face her situation head-on! Refusing to go bankrupt, she was determined to take responsibility for the situation she was in and began negotiating directly with her creditors. In under 3 years, she became completely debt free, after successfully negotiating reduced full and final settlements with her creditors and saving over $100K in the process. 

Kitty has always been passionate about making a difference and determined to help others avoid the same fate she had suffered by shining a light on alternative debt relief solutions that many creditors don’t want people to know is possible. Refusing to bring any additional unnecessary heaviness to the conversation of debt, she chose to call the company Debt Angel Solutions.

Kitty has a Cert IV in Credit Management as well as over 25 years of personal development and leadership experience. Kitty has two amazing kids who are her guiding light, loves to travel, and go on spontaneous adventures. If she’s not with her kids and their puppy or working, she will be found somewhere near the water enjoying the peace and serenity.

Coaching and guiding you through the process

Our Debt Angels

Your Debt Angel will be Warm and Strong, Firm and Kind and 100% committed to your success.

Your Debt Angel (Case Manager) will be your confidant and guiding light. Working with you to implement your “Get Out of Debt” strategy, revising it as necessary through regular conversations with you, initiating and managing accountability in line with your financial goals. They will hold the space for you to accomplish the fulfilment of your “Get Out of Debt” strategy and anything else you are out to achieve. Coaching and guiding you through the process and out the other side.

Maxine Dunne - Case Manager

Maxine Dunne
Case Manager

Max started with Debt Angels In 2020. She works directly with the clients, coaching and guiding them through and out the other side of their debt situation. She is their point of contact and their Angel whenever they need her. Max loves anything mindfulness, health, and wellness. If she is not playing soccer, she’s paddle boarding or taking a dip in the ocean.

Confidentiality is Paramount

Relationship Manager and Relationship Officers

Your Relationship Officers don’t take no for an answer and will go to bat for you like you are their best friend.

Your Relationship Officer is your strongest advocate with the creditors. He or she is in charge of collating and presenting all the information on your behalf in line with the client’s unique “Get-Out-Of-Debt” strategy. They negotiate directly with your creditors, advocating to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. They are the point of contact with your creditors, shielding you from creditor calls. Your Relationship Officer relays any necessary information including negotiated arrangements, long-term solutions, and relevant account updates.

Sophie Waugh
Relationship Manager

Sophie has been with Debt Angels since 2019. She works directly with the creditors, working hard to secure our clients the best possible outcome for their individual situations. She fights for our clients with passion, determination and an unwavering stand for them and their situation. Sophie holds a Cert IV in Financial Services and a Diploma of Credit Management and has years of experience in the finance industry. Sophie is organised, regimented, and focused on making sure things are done properly and always goes far and beyond for our clients and the team. Personally, she loves her cars, going to the gym and painting.

Jack Fraher
Relationship Officer

Jack started at Debt Angels in 2020. He works alongside Sophie, negotiating to get the best possible outcomes for our clients, warm at heart, determined, willing, and able to take on any situation that crosses his desk. Jack brings fun and laughter to the team, brightening up every meeting with his big smile and crazy laugh. Jack has a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and loves spending time with his family and beautiful girlfriend or hanging out with his mates going for a surf.

Jack Fraher - Relationship Officer
We secure the best possible outcomes

Administration and Support Angel

A friendly, compassionate, judgement-free Angel committed to your success and always there to help.

Your Administration and Support Angel is a touchpoint for you as you progress through your “Get Out of Debt” strategy. Providing essential support, working between the Debt Angel, Relationship Officer’s creditors, and clients. Their role is to assist in obtaining and providing relevant information which is vitally important to securing the best possible outcomes.

Philippa Scarlett - Administration & Support

Philippa Scarlett
Administration & Support

Pip joined the team at Debt Angels in 2021. Pip will likely be the first person you speak with when calling Debt Angel Solutions. With years of administrative experience, attention to detail and an abundance of warmth and compassion, Pip is an awesome frontwoman. Pip loves the great outdoors and spending time at her farm with her family.

Affordable payment plans

Accounts Angel

Compassion, understanding and an unwavering commitment to work with you to achieve your goal of financial freedom.

Your Accounts Angels are responsible for invoicing and managing client payments to Debt Angel Solutions. They will work directly with you to implement an affordable payment plan (if required), scheduling payment dates that works best for you in conjunction with your “Get Out of Debt” strategy.

Michael Pailas Accounts Manager - Debt Angel Solutions

Michael Pailas
Accounts Team Leader

Michael was the first team member to join Debt Angels in 2016 and has been working to look after our clients’ accounting needs, managing all things accounts with a big smile on his face since then. Michael has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Management. Michael has a passion for traveling, video games, and the beach. Recently, his dog had puppies and he proudly named the white one ANGEL.

Joane Loterte
Accounts Officer

Joane became a valuable member of Debt Angel Solutions in January 2023, contributing to the seamless handling of clients’ accounting requirements and overseeing account management alongside Michael. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Management, Joane combines her academic background with a passion for movies, singing, dancing, and exploring new destinations. Her distinctive qualities include a resilient nature, unwavering dedication, and a touch of artistry that she gracefully incorporates into all facets of her life.

Joane Loterte' - Accounts Manager

What Our Clients Say

My Mum was aged and in financial difficulty. A trusted friend recommended the Debt Angels....

Debt Angels literally freed her of crippling debt and an even more crippling sense of insecurity.We are both so thankful and I can't speak highly enough of the team. Thank you Thank You Thank You
Thank You Kitty, Sophie, Charli, Lauren, Michael and the rest of the Debt Angel Solutions team for your help in getting me to be in control of my finances.

I highly recommend Kitty and the Debt Angels to anyone who is struggling with their debt.
My god, these guys are incredible. After helping my mum sort out her finances I got them to take a look at my fairly unmanageable finances to see what they could do for me.

They are beyond good and Maxine was an utter treat to deal with. Don't call them tomorrow. CALL THEM NOW!
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