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Debt Resolution Strategy Planning & Budgeting

Before Your Consult Call


As your authorised representative your creditors will call us instead of you. Once we have onboarded you as a client, we will ask you to sign a Letter of Authority.

The Letter of Authority assigns Debt Angel Solutions to be the point of contact for your creditors moving forward.

We will then continue to manage the communication process and talk to your creditors on your behalf.

You may still receive written correspondence and statements from your creditors as you are still legally their client, however, if they do call you, simply direct them to us or let us know, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Our initial Consult Call is free, and we are happy to have a conversation with anyone about their situation without any obligation.

During the Consult Call, we assess your situation and together, see if our services are right for you. We do the maths and weigh up your situation vs the fees involved in working with us.

Its important to note, we will not take you on as a client if the cost of using our services is more than we are able to save you. In these cases, we discuss which alternative options may be available and guide you towards them.

Use of our service will not appear on your credit history, unlike a default or bankruptcy.

We will work with you to ensure everything possible is done to protect your credit rating. However, we cannot guarantee how your credit score and your repayment history information will be affected by your payment history.

Please note that legislation is in place making it compulsory for licensed credit companies to report payment activity, and late payments over 60 days past the due date will show up on your credit report.

We highly recommend you obtain a copy of your credit history and score asap. You are entitled to request one per year for free.
You can get your free copy via the following link:

If your credit rating has already been impacted before coming to us we will work with you to understand any possible implications and what can be done about them.

During your FREE Consult Call, together we will discuss your individual situation and help you ascertain if our service is right for you.

We have 4 pre-requisites before taking on a new client…

  1. Debt Angel Solutions needs to be able to guarantee that we can save you more than we cost you.
  2. Clients must be coachable. Be willing to act on and listen to Debt Angel Solutions’ advice. All advice is given with a view to assist the clients to transform their situation.
  3. Clients must promise to be in / stay in communication to enable Debt Angel Solutions to do their job.
  4. Clients must be committed to achieve the outcome asap

We suggest you don’t just take our word for it and have a read of our testimonials and case studies and see what other people who have been through similar experiences and become clients of Debt Angel Solutions have to say about us and our service.

Rightly or wrongly, creditors and debt collectors who do this are not stepping outside the law.

If you are out of communication with them, they are within their rights to use this avenue (and a variety of others) to attempt to contact you.

Yes, they will likely contact family and friends in an attempt to contact you! However, they are legally not permitted to reveal details of your debt to a third party.

For more information on how debt collectors work, visit the Australian government/ASIC website Moneysmart at:

In our opinion, insolvency through Debt Agreements including Part IX  or Part X Debt Agreements and/or Bankruptcy is a last resort. In saying that, sometimes this pathway is the right choice. We highly recommend you exhaust all other avenues available to you before committing to such drastic action! Please feel free to use our FREE no-obligation Consult Call call to discuss if other options are available to you.

We invite you to consider the consequences of choosing bankruptcy or an act of bankruptcy as there are serious and long-lasting implications. There are often high costs involved with any type of bankruptcy, and usually Debt Agreements typically require large up-front payments. Usually, the timeframes involved range from 3 – 5 years (of being bankrupt). It’s a long time to wait to move on with your life, to maybe buy a home, a car or even to access services like phone and electricity accounts.

Being “bankrupt” and going through insolvency feels like a heavy weight on your shoulders and often keeps people in a negative “I’m bankrupt” frame of mind. Bankruptcy can affect your mental health and general wellbeing, not to mention your financial future. There could be another way available to you. For more information, please contact us for a free no-obligation Consult Call so that we can assess your individual financial situation and discuss how we can help.

Participation, commitment, and communication.

We work very closely with our clients, and we ask for a commitment to allow us to coach them, honesty and timely communication. In turn, you can expect the same from us.

We need you to stay in contact with us and provide us with the information we need, so that we can work effectively on your behalf. We will request documentation and information at various stages of the process. Put simply, if you are not in communication with us, we can’t do our job.

This process also works best when you are open to listening and learning from our expertise and experience.

Our Debt Angels work purposefully with a commitment to work with you to transform your situation throughout the process of your “Get Out of Debt” strategy and we expect the same commitment from our clients. Working with us, being open to coaching and applying it to your life, guarantees the best possible results for you.

We obtain authority from you and / or your partner to act on behalf of your joint accounts if required.

We can discuss your individual circumstances to give you clarity around who is automatically responsible for the debt.

Sometimes an extra card issued on a credit card account doesn’t necessarily mean that the secondary cardholder is responsible for the debt.

Each situation is assessed and managed accordingly.


What Our Clients Say

My Mum was aged and in financial difficulty. A trusted friend recommended the Debt Angels....

Debt Angels literally freed her of crippling debt and an even more crippling sense of insecurity.We are both so thankful and I can't speak highly enough of the team. Thank you Thank You Thank You
Thank You Kitty, Sophie, Charli, Lauren, Michael and the rest of the Debt Angel Solutions team for your help in getting me to be in control of my finances.

I highly recommend Kitty and the Debt Angels to anyone who is struggling with their debt.
My god, these guys are incredible. After helping my mum sort out her finances I got them to take a look at my fairly unmanageable finances to see what they could do for me.

They are beyond good and Maxine was an utter treat to deal with. Don't call them tomorrow. CALL THEM NOW!
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