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Jennifer Harwood – From Abused to Adundant

When Jennifer came to Debt Angel Solutions she had four large credit card debt totalling over $63,000 and costing her approximately $1,225 per month in interest alone.

Her debt was a result of leaving an abusive marriage with her 2-year-old daughter and trying to survive. Credit cards helped her through the toughest of times, but in the end, they trapped her in a vicious cycle she couldn’t get out of.  She was scared and ashamed, on the edge of bankruptcy, withdrawn from the world not wanting to tell anyone.

Jennifer handed over her $63,000 of credit card debt for Debt Angel Solutions to manage. We negotiated on her behalf and were able to stop payments and freeze the interest on each debt. With these arrangements in place, Jennifer was now able to breathe, stop panicking and the feeling of being totally overwhelmed.

Fast forward four years, and Jennifer has turned her life and career around. She started a new business, Happy Hair Brush, which is thriving. And in that time, she was able to pay off those debts one by one. Five years after the initial conversation with Kitty Thomas, she is now debt free! Her credit card debt of $63k was settled for $28,500, saving her approximately $11,000 interest a year and amazingly, this was done with no long-term impacts on her credit file.

“My daughter has watched me reclaim my self-respect, my self-esteem and learn about money and the value of it. If I had a piece of advice for anyone suffering and struggling with debt it would be to talk about it and work with people like Kitty and the Debt Angels team. They can organise and negotiate with the banks far more effectively than you, which will leave you to start creating a new life and not be trapped in the debt cycle anymore.”

~ Jennifer Harwood

TitleWithout DAS

Debt Angels

Starting Debt$53,564.22
Total Amount Payable$187.167.00
Timeframe Resolved In72 Years & 6 Months
Minimum Monthly$1,161.00
Annual Interest$10,343.11
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