Have the Government Safety Nets Been Your Debt Safety Net?

I know it isn’t just me wondering how I got here…

How the world got here.
Yet I still marvel in it all.
How on earth is it, that the world is in a complete and utter state?

So much upheaval and dis ease… I have never been so incredibly grateful to be in our beautiful country. Even if I am based on the Northern, Northern Beaches lol 🙂

Consumer Rights Advice - Have the Government Safety Nets Been Your Debt Safety Net?

Daily I hear people‘s money concerns; There are so many people hurting, now more than ever before. Could it be that we are yet to feel the full force or implications of all of this? The consequence forever looming, the fall out set to consume many Australians.

No one was expecting or prepared for this. Mentally / Physically / Emotionally / Financially. Yet here we are. Lives have been turned upside down livelihoods crumbled, the mass movement has occurred, forced to deal with what we can’t impact or change.

Comfort eating my emotions. Consuming compulsively, fearful of where it will all go from here, concerned with how easily we appear to have adapted to the ‘New Normal’. Locked down / Confronted / Concerned. Living life in a whole new way. Families, relationships, industries, businesses, jobs, communities, government, children, individuals, and retirees, their resolve all tested along the way

and still

Everyone needs to process the information in their own way. Confusion sets in as Government retracts their assistance. Concerns mounting as deferred repayment period ends. As the reality starts to sink in when payment holidays with lenders become exhausted

Now what?

Who do I talk to?

How can I take back control of my money & my life? Overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. Understandable, nothing seems certain. The world has literally gone mad!

Yet I feel this strange sense of calm, like this can’t possibly be happening in vain. There must be lessons to gain…

I choose to reframe it

Each and every day. Looking for the light. I personally believe it is a time for growth and change, a chance to get clear about what truly matters. A reset – of sorts. What if the opportunity was, for people to make the circumstances work for them. Perhaps study, retrain yourself, or move states…

Doing what makes you happy and fulfilled, become empowered / bring about change / Lead the way

Complete the past.


Ask for help.

Take responsibility

Don’t let… debt stop you.

# There is another way

Kitty x

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