A Life-Changing Experience – Catherine’s Journey with Debt Angel Solutions

Catherine, a dedicated disability support worker and loving single mother, found herself struggling with financial stress after her separation from her husband. She was left with the sole responsibility of paying off a couple of credit cards and a loan they had both been paying off together. With mounting debt and the increasing pressure to provide for her children, Catherine felt trapped in a vicious cycle of constantly moving money around to make ends meet.

Debt Resolution Success Stories - A Life-Changing Experience – Catherine’s Journey with Debt Angel Solutions

Catherine sought assistance and connected with Kitty from Debt Angel Solutions, who came highly recommended by the popular single mum support network, Beanstalk Single Mum Vine on Facebook. Despite her initial skepticism, Catherine soon realised that Kitty understood her situation and was genuinely committed to helping her regain control of her finances.

As Catherine journeyed with Debt Angel Solutions, she experienced a gamut of emotions. Initially, she was overwhelmed by the exceptional service, care, and empathy that she received from Kitty and her team. She wondered if the solutions discussed and Kitty’s promised outcomes were too good to be true. However, Catherine soon realised that Kitty was a woman of her word. In the end, Catherine was blown away by the results as they far exceeded her expectations, and she found renewed hope and confidence as she saw tangible progress in her financial situation.

Kitty and her team were able to suspend Catherine’s payments for six months, allowing her the breathing room she desperately needed. This break provided Catherine with the opportunity to reassess her financial situation and develop a sustainable plan to tackle her debts.

“I think I rang her half crying, the bank just told me I don’t have to pay them anything for six months. That’s right. And then she gave me a plan of how we’re going to incorporate this for the next six months. It wasn’t just a breather. It was a new way of life to manage the situation I was in, like an opening. I could breathe again.”

“None of the lenders ever said to me, ‘here’s a solution’ or, ‘here’s something we can do for you.’ It was just, ‘you need to pay this money.’ I didn’t know there was someone who could advocate on my behalf and just take the pressure off for a few minutes,” Catherine explained.

Through the compassionate guidance and advocacy of Kitty and her team, Catherine’s debts, which totalled around $40,000, were significantly reduced by at least half. As a result, she was able to regain her financial freedom, sleep better, and alleviate the tension and anxiety that had consumed her daily life.

Debt Angel Solutions not only helped Catherine with her immediate financial situation but also provided her with valuable education and support to maintain a debt-free lifestyle.

The impact of Debt Angel Solutions extended beyond Catherine, as she referred their services to her ex-husband. Following their honest conversation, they both agreed that if they had found Kitty earlier, their marriage might not have been under the strain it was under.

Additionally, Catherine’s mother, a terminal cancer patient, was able to find peace of mind and pass away knowing that her family would not be burdened with her debts. Debt Angel Solutions’ work helped clear her mother’s debt.

Catherine’s experience with Debt Angel Solutions was nothing short of life-changing. In her own words, “what Kitty does is phenomenal.” The support and guidance she received helped her overcome the shame and isolation she felt due to her financial struggles. Today, Catherine is proud to share her story and encourages others to seek help, stating that there is no shame in addressing financial difficulties and finding solutions.

Through Debt Angel Solutions’ empathetic and dedicated approach, Catherine has transformed her life and found financial freedom. She is now able to provide the life she wants for her children without the weight of debt and financial stress holding her back. Catherine’s journey serves as an inspiring example of how effective financial guidance and support can truly change lives for the better.

Debt resolution Success Story - A Life-Changing Experience – Catherine’s Journey with Debt Angel Solutions
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