A Mother and Son’s Path to Financial Security, Adam Towers’ Incredible Story

Adam Towers, a 54-year-old restaurant manager, faced the heart-wrenching challenge of watching his 80-year-old mother struggle with crippling debt. With no success negotiating with banks and feeling increasingly frustrated, Adam was introduced to Kitty at Debt Angel Solutions through his dear friend Nicole Heales, a Financial Advisor.

Upon connecting with Kitty, Adam felt an instant sense of relief and trust. Despite his initial skepticism, he soon realised that Debt Angel Solutions was more than just a Debt Negotiation, Debt Management and Debt Reduction Agency. They offered hope for a way out of his mother’s dire financial situation, which included three different substantial debts that seemed insurmountable.

Debt Resolution Success Story - A Mother and Son’s Path to Financial Security: Adam Towers’ Incredible Story

“I had been dealing with the banks, trying to negotiate a few things, and while people weren’t necessarily rude, no one was particularly helpful or encouraging. I found the experience INCREDIBLY frustrating. So, when I finally spoke with Kitty at Debt Angel Solutions, I was amazed at the sense of relief I felt. There was an instant sense of trust that Kitty and her team might be able to help us.” – Adam

The anxiety caused by his mother’s financial troubles weighed heavily on Adam. He struggled with feelings of helplessness as he watched her quality of life deteriorate. Basic living expenses, such as getting a new tyre for her car, became a source of enormous stress for both Adam and his Mother.

Kitty provided a clear plan of action for Adam and his mother, instilling faith that Debt Angels could help, even when the banks claimed there was nothing to be done. Through their incredible efforts, Debt Angels managed to clear all three of Adam’s mother’s substantial debts, wiping out $45,000 and making her completely debt-free.

Debt Angel Solutions not only helped Adam’s mother regain her financial freedom and sense of security, but also supported Adam when his own finances took a downturn due to COVID-19.

“It was really stressful watching my mum get more and more in debt. Anytime something came up that she’d have to pay for, it would be money she’d have to find from nowhere or go further into debt. As her son, it was difficult to see his mother, who had always been a good and hardworking person, suddenly burdened with crippling debt at the age of 80. The anxiety she had, and that I felt on her behalf, were overwhelming, and we felt there was nothing we could do about it. It hung over both of our heads.” – Adam

The team at Debt Angels were able to restructure Adam’s Personal loan, reduced his overall debt balance, freeze the interest. Debt Angels set up an affordable payment plan, allowing him to live a normal lifestyle without ongoing fear and concern about how he was going to be able to pay down his debt. The kindness, efficiency, and genuine care displayed by Kitty and her team made a lasting impression on Adam and his mother. In Adam’s own words, Kitty and her team were “kind, friendly, helpful, and caring.”

Through their compassionate guidance and advocacy, Adam’s mother’s life was transformed. She was able to regain her sense of security and live out her remaining years without the burden of financial stress. The relief she experienced brought her to tears, deeply moving Adam and giving him immense gratitude for the help Debt Angel Solutions provided and to his Friend Nicole for referring them in the first place.

“The sense of relief I felt was amazing. I couldn’t imagine being an 80-year-old pensioner who was used to living a comfortable middle-class lifestyle, suddenly struggling to make ends meet and not knowing if she’d be able to pay her rent each week in the expensive Sydney market. I could see her becoming more and more anxious by the day, and the difference was incredible when we found out that her debts had been waived. My mum is now happy and bubbly again. She can live out the last few years of her life feeling secure, which was what was really missing – just a sense of security. This also allows me to live a normal lifestyle without the fear of the world falling out from beneath me or her at any moment.” – Adam

Adam’s own journey with Debt Angel Solutions was equally transformative. With their support, he was able to regain control of his finances and feel like he was “adulting properly.” The financial relief they provided enabled him to focus on his day-to-day life without constantly worrying about his debt and repayments.

Adam now enthusiastically recommends Debt Angel Solutions to friends in difficult financial situations. In his words, reaching out to Kitty and her team has “nothing to lose and everything to gain.” Their support has been transformative for both Adam and his mother, allowing them to regain control of their lives and find financial stability.

“I can’t talk highly enough about their abilities, their bedside manner, and honestly, just the end result that they’re able to get way exceeded my expectations. The people I’ve dealt with mostly at Debt Angel Solutions have been Kitty and Maxine and they were just incredible. They listened, they processed everything, they did all their due diligence and they, they were just I mean, I keep using the word kind, but they were just kind and friendly and helpful and, and caring and I’ve got to say, really efficient.” – Adam

Adam’s journey with Debt Angel Solutions highlights the power of compassionate financial guidance and support in helping individuals and their families find relief from the burden of debt.

Their personalised approach, understanding, and genuine care for their clients’ well-being make Debt Angel Solutions stand out as a beacon of hope for those struggling with financial difficulties.

Debt Resolution Success Stories - A Mother and Son’s Path to Financial Security: Adam Towers’ Incredible Stor

“Cannot recommend them highly enough. I just want to say to the team of Debt Angels, thank you very much for everything you’ve done. It takes a lot to make me cry, but watching my mum find out the news that all her debts have been waived and that she was a free woman as such, made me burst into tears. And that, for me, is huge. Absolutely huge. So if anyone is, on the fence about reaching out to Debt Angels, you’ve got nothing to lose.” – Adam

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