The True Essence of Mother’s Day: Love Beyond Price Tags

The other day, my son and I shared a conversation that stirred my heart. He said, “Mom, I’m really trying to save for a car. So this Mother’s Day, instead of buying you something, I’m going to create something for you.” His words, simple and sincere, carried more weight than any store-bought gift ever could.

As a single mother of two teenagers, I find the greatest joy not in expensive gestures, but in the thoughtful ones. The ones that show me they’re thinking about me, that they understand my tastes and respect their own budgets. They’re just starting their first jobs, and the last thing I want is for them to empty their wallets on my account.

It reminds me of a day, not long ago, when we were driving along a road near our new home, and my eyes were caught by a stunning purple tree. The beauty of it left me breathless, and I turned to my kids and said..

“That’s what I want for Mother’s Day.”

My son, ever the practical one, pointed out that a full-grown tree would cost a fortune. But that wasn’t what I meant. I suggested a sapling of that same tree that we could nurture together. Like an artist moulding clay, we could shape its growth, and in the process, strengthen our own bond.

This year, money is tight for many of us. But as a mother, the truest gift isn’t the one with the highest price tag. It’s the gift of thoughtfulness. It’s seeing the load of your daily chores lightened, the dishes washed, the laundry folded, the kids dressed for school – all without having to ask.

Imagine a Mother’s Day, or even a Mother’s Week, where you don’t have to worry about the everyday hustle. Where the scent of freshly brewed coffee greets you in the morning, and the sight of a clean kitchen sends you peacefully to bed at night.

Our lives are so filled to the brim that the simplest acts of kindness often mean the most. Yes, flowers are lovely, but a purple tree – a purple tree is a promise of tomorrow. It’s a living testament to the time and care you’ve invested, something that grows alongside your family.

And that’s the thing about gifts. They should align with the recipient’s values. A box of chocolates might seem like a good idea, but if your mom is on a diet, it’s a gesture that misses the mark. What if, instead, you cooked her a healthy meal, set the table, and spent the evening sharing stories and laughter? What if you penned a heartfelt note telling her how much you love and appreciate her?

Money, in its essence, is a tool. But it doesn’t define the depth or breadth of our feelings. Words and actions often speak louder. This Mother’s Day, think about the difference you can make. It’s not about thinking outside the box, it’s about thinking outside the wallet.

Indeed, the lessons of my own mother serve as a poignant reminder. She, unfortunately, was financially uneducated and saw her wealth disappear due to mismanagement. It was akin to a lottery winner ending up bankrupt due to a lack of understanding of how to handle their windfall.

In this vein, a true gift becomes knowledge. It’s learning how to manage your finances wisely, spending prudently and avoiding debt. Money isn’t the yardstick of love or thoughtfulness, but it’s how you use it that counts.


So, this Mother’s Day, ask yourself: Who am I being? Am I making my mom’s life easier or harder? Remember, it’s not just about this one day. It’s about how we show our love and appreciation every day. Because in the end, what I, and possibly every mother out there, truly desire isn’t tied to a price tag. We don’t yearn for diamonds or designer clothes, but for the simple, immeasurable love from our children.


Think of life as a grand tapestry. Every action, every word, every intention weaves a unique thread. This Mother’s Day, consider your gestures as these threads, contributing to the beautiful tapestry that represents your relationship with your mother. Each thread, when woven with love, kindness, and thoughtfulness, adds a vibrant colour to the tapestry of your shared experiences.


Be the weaver of a golden thread this Mother’s Day. Consider what would truly touch your mom’s heart, what would make her day brighter. Maybe it’s a heartfelt note expressing your deepest appreciation, a home-cooked meal prepared with love, or a young purple tree that you can nurture together. Take a leaf out of my son’s book, and create something meaningful.

This Mother’s Day, let’s shift our focus from the material to the meaningful. It’s less about the cost of the gift, and more about the love that accompanies it. It’s about the shared laughter echoing around the dinner table, the warmth of a heartfelt note, the promise of a sapling ready to grow.


These are the gifts that truly endure. They say, “Mom, I love you. I see you. I appreciate you.” They carry an authenticity that doesn’t need grand gestures or expensive items to validate.


As dawn breaks on another Mother’s Day, I invite you to embrace this perspective. Let it be a guiding principle for a lifetime, not just a day or a week. Because our mothers – the wellsprings of life and love – truly deserve nothing less.Our Angels are standing by to have a confidential, friendly chat with you, judgement-free and 100% solution- focused, to discuss where you’re currently at financially and the options available to you to set you on the path to financial freedom.


You will leave the call feeling clearer and confident with your next steps.


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