$1 Million in Debt & a Pandemic! – Dan & Avery’s Story

Dan and Avery came to us just before COVID -19 changed the world forever.  Dan worked in the Events industry and Avery in Travel.  They were already struggling with an investment that had gone south and finding it hard to make ends meet.  But then COVID came along and smashed both of their industries and their respective incomes in ways they could never have imagined.

The financial pressure was seeping into every aspect of their lives and they were struggling to cope.  Dan’s mental health was plummeting and their relationship was on the rocks. Everything they had built seemed to be imploding.

Debt Resolution Success Story - $1 Million in Debt & a Pandemic! – Dan & Avery’s Story

This lovely couple desperately needed some space away from the pressure of it all.  We worked with their creditors and managed to settle a significant amount of debt for them.  We also gave them space to regroup, taking the weight off their shoulders and allowing them to breathe.

This space was fertile ground for Dan and Avery.  Finally able to look at their situation free from the fear of falling further and further behind, they were able to see alternative money-making opportunities. Allowing them to get creative, they began working on an amazing new business opportunity.  The concept has quickly gone from strength to strength, and is gaining traction in both the Australian and the US markets.

We are incredibly excited for Dan and Avery as they embark on this new phase of their lives.  If they had still been struggling under the weight of their debts instead of working with us, life would have looked very different for them and their relationship would have surely ended.  Instead they are striding forward with an amazing project.  We cannot wait to see how this business develops and wish them all the best for this wonderful new venture.

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