Abuse & Addiction – Eva realised that she needed to make a change!

One side of Eva’s story is of achievement and success. Highly competent, she has created a flourishing career in the hospitality industry, rising to Senior Management for a large chain.  The other side is of heartbreak and loss.  A horrifically abusive childhood led her down a path of depression, addiction and further abuse as she struggled to push away the wounds of the past.  When she tragically lost her only brother to suicide just before his 30th birthday, things became unstuck for this extraordinary lady.

Eva was trapped in a toxic relationship with the father of her three children and she turned to alcohol and drugs, both prescription and non-prescription to help her cope.  Her mental health was in pieces and emotional breakdowns saw her in and out of institutions, trapped in a vicious cycle of dependency and recovery and back to dependency again. Eva is nothing short of a fighter and extremely high functioning. Throughout all of this she managed to maintain a successful career that kept seeing her reconsidered and promoted.

Debt Resolution Success Story - Abuse & Addiction – Eva realised that she needed to make a change!

Eva realised that she needed to make a change, she decided if she didn’t alter the course of her life her children would likely lose their mother. Just before COVID-19 took hold, she found the courage to leave her relationship, determined to carve out a better future for herself and her children.

Then Covid hit Victoria with full force and Eva came to us vulnerable, alone and drained both financially and emotionally. She had amassed a considerable amount of debt over the years and her industry was reeling from the fallout of the pandemic.  She desperately needed support, so we immediately took the pressure of her debts off her shoulders, putting a hold on all interest, fees and payments to give her the space and freedom that she desperately needed. This allowed her to step back and look at what was working, what wasn’t and what she could do to reset her life and start again.

Working with clients like Eva is at the heart of what we do.  Saving people heartache, money and reducing the amount they owe is only part of what we do.  Taking the pressure off and implementing actionable solutions that work to reduce their debt, giving clients the space and freedom to look at what else might be possible, is life-changing.

We wish Eva every success as she starts to transform her life and break the toxic patterns of the past so that she can give her children a different, healthier start to life that she never had.

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